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Mysore ITS -An Overview

  • Real-time monitoring and tracking of buses and help reduce road congestion and other transport issues.
  • ITS solution provides dynamic passenger information system (PIS) based on Geographical Positioning System (GPS)
  • ITS applies advanced display and communication technologies, Central Control Station (CCS) and intelligent display boards.
  • ITS improves passenger safety, fleet efficiency, services and traffic situation through transmission of real time information.

Mysore ITS - Objectives

  • Increase the Number of Commuters in KSRTC Mysore.
  • Improve traffic safety.
  • Relieve traffic congestion.
  • Improve transportation efficiency.
  • Increase the energy efficiency.
  • Promote the development of related industries.

Benefits for Passengers

  • Increase the accessibility of the system.
  • Increase the safety of users.
  • Display and announce current and next stop details inside the bus.
  • Display expected time of arrival (ETA) of next bus on the bus stop display boards.
  • Real time bus information through SMS and IVRS facility.
  • Reduction in waiting time and uncertainty and improve in overall bus service reliability.

Benefits for Bus Crew

  • ITS helps in improving operational efficiency through proper scheduling and monitoring.
  • ITS enables two-way communication between bus driver and Central Control Station (CCS).
  • ITS helps in improving crew driving habits.
  • Reduce the fuel consumption and emissions.
  • ITS can enable financial benefits due to increase in passenger loyalty and passenger shift from other modes of travel.

Track Your Bus

GIS applications display the real time position of vehicles on detailed digitized road map of Mysore and are linked with communication control system to provide most updated information

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Time Table

Bus arrival and departure for specified locations.

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Route Details

Route details for particular route number.

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Bus Fares

Fares from desired source to destination.

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About ITS

Building intelligence into the transport system.

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