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ನಿಲ್ದಾಣದ ವಿವರಗಳು : A - B
ನಿಲ್ದಾಣದ ಹೆಸರು ಬಸ್ ನಿಲ್ದಾಣದ ಸಂಖ್ಯೆ ಮಾರ್ಗ ವಿವರಣೆ
Abhishek Circle 1005 CBS TO LnT
Abhishek Circle 1006 CBS TO MGK
Abhishek Circle 1007 LnT TO CBS
Achappana Koppalu 3028 CHK TO SRP
Achappana Koppalu 3030 SRP TO CHK
Adakanahalli Hundi 1009 CBS TO AHH
Adhyayana School 1010 TLO TO CBS
Adhyayana School 1011 CBS TO TC
Adithya Circle 1012 CBS TO RJN
Adithya Circle 1013 SNR TO CBS
Adithya Circle 1014 CBS TO SMN
Adithya Circle 1015 CBS TO SNR
Adithya Hospital 1016 GKM TO CBS
Adithya Hospital 1017 CBS TO LnT
Adithya Hospital 1018 LnT TO CBS
Adithya Hospital 1019 CBS TO LnT
Administrative Training Institute 1020 CH TO CBS
Administrative Training Institute 1021 CBS TO CH
Ahalya 2512 CBS TO ALA
Ahalya 2513 HLI TO CBS
Air Force 1022 NH TO CBS
Airport 1024 SDV TO CBS
Airport 4189 AT TO MBS
Aishwarya Petrol Bunk 1025 CBS TO CBS
Aishwarya Petrol Bunk 1026 CBS TO CBS
Aishwarya Petrol Bunk 1027 CBS TO CBS
Akashavani 1028 CBS TO CBS
Akashavani 1030 CBS TO CBS
Akshay Mens Parlour 2829 CBS TO HH
Akshay Mens Parlour 2830 HH TO CBS
Akshaya Bhandar 1031 CBS TO SDN
Akshaya Bhandar 1032 SDN TO CBS
Akshaya Bhandar 1033 RKN TO CBS
Akshaya Bhandar 1034 CBS TO TLO
Akshaya Bhandar 1035 SBS TO CBS
Akshaya Bhandar TWDS Gnanaganga 3129 CBS TO CBS
Aladamara 2781 CBS TO LBP
Aladamara 2783 LBP TO CBS
Aladamara 4173 CBS TO RKH
Aladamara 4174 RKH TO CBS
Alalthur Circle 2615 CBS TO SUT
Alalthur Circle 2616 SUT TO CBS
Alalthur Dairy 2613 CBS TO SUT
Alalthur Dairy 2614 SUT TO CBS
Alanahalli 1036 CBS TO CBS
Alanahalli 1037 CBS TO CBS
Alanahalli 3223 CH TO CBS
Alanahalli 3224 CBS TO CH
alanahalli 4336 CBS TO GDG
alanahalli 4353 GDG TO CBS
All India Institute For Speech And Hearing 3903 CBS TO DSK
Aloka Cross 2903 CBS TO CBS
Aloka Cross 2904 CBS TO CBS
Ambavilas Mysore Palace 3780 KAL TO CBS
Ambedkar Circle 1040 RSN TO JPN
Ambedkar Circle 1041 SRP TO CBS
Ambedkar Circle 1042 CBS TO RSN
Ambedkar Circle 1044 GDN TO RBN
Ambedkar Circle 1045 CBS TO SRP
Ambedkar Circle 1046 RSN TO CBS
Ambedkar Circle 2899 CBS TO CBS
Ambedkar Circle 2900 CBS TO CBS
Ambedkar Nagar 3669 CBS TO AMC
Amma Bhagavan Farm 3034 CBS TO BHL
Amma Bhagavan Farm 3037 BHL TO CBS
Amma Complex 1047 CBS TO RKN
Amma Complex 1048 RKN TO CBS
Amrutanandamayi Mutt 1049 CBS TO CBS
Amrutanandamayi Mutt 1050 DKL TO CBS
Amrutanandamayi Mutt 1055 GPL TO CBS
Amrutanandamayi Mutt 2995 CBS TO CBS
Amrutha Bakery 1052 BML TO LnT
Amrutha Bakery 1053 BMN TO CBS
Amrutha Bakery 1054 CBS TO CBS
Amruthanagar 4230 MIT TO AMN
Ananduru Koppalu 2625 CBS TO TKK
Ananduru Koppalu 2637 TKK TO CBS
Anjaneya Swamy Temple 3347 HC TO CBS
Anjenya Temple 3670 BML TO AJT
Anuganahalli 1056 CBS TO AGL
Anuganahalli 1057 CBS TO GPL
Anuganahalli 1059 GPL TO CBS
Apollo Hospital 1060 SBS TO VKC
Apollo Hospital 1061 VKC TO SBS
Aralakuppe 2521 SP TO CBS
Aralakuppe 2522 CBS TO SP
Aralikatte 3049 CHK TO SRP
Aralikatte 3050 SRP TO CHK
Aralimara 1062 CBS TO RBI
Aralimara 1063 RBI TO CBS
Aralimara 1064 SBS TO CBS
Aralimara 1065 CBS TO SBS
ArasinaKere 2523 CBS TO ANE
ArasinaKere 2751 CBS TO AK
Arathiukkada 3039 SRP TO CHK
Arathiukkada 3042 CHK TO SRP
Aravinda Nagar 1066 VKC TO SBS
Aravinda Nagar 1067 SBS TO VKC
Arch Gate 1068 CBS TO KKH
Arch Gate 1069 RSN TO CBS
Arch Gate 1070 CBS TO RSN
Asha Kiran Hospital 2823 KSH TO LnT
Asha Kiran Hospital 2825 ST TO RM
Ashoka Bakery 1072 CBS TO CBS
Ashoka Circle 1073 JPN to LnT
Ashoka Circle 1074 LNT TO JPN
Ashoka Circle 1075 RRN TO BML
Ashoka Circle 1076 CBS TO CBS
Ashoka Circle 1077 SDN TO CBS
Ashoka Clinic 1078 RRN TO BML
Ashoka Clinic 1079 SR TO CBS
Aswal 4349 CBS TO GDG
ATME College 1080 CBS TO MHL
ATME College 1081 MHL TO CBS
ATME College 4050 ATME TO BD
Auto Stand 1082 CBS TO GS
Auto Stand 1083 GS TO CBS
Automotive Axel 1084 BSP TO CBS
Automotive Axel 1085 CBS TO CBS
AV Hospital 1003 CBS TO CBS
AV Hospital 1004 CBS TO TC
AV Hospital 3672 CBS TO CBS
Ayrahalli 2526 CBS TO AYR
Ayrahalli 2801 CBS TO AYH
Ayrahalli 2802 SUT TO CBS
Ayrahalli Arali Mara 2515 AYR TO CBS
Ayrahalli Arali Mara 2525 CBS TO AYR
Ayrahalli Arali Mara 2799 CBS TO AYH
Ayrahalli Arali Mara 2800 SUT TO CBS
Ayuraveda hospital circle 3673 RT TO AV
Ayurveda Hospital 1086 CBS TO RBI
Ayurveda Hospital 1087 CBS TO CBS
Ayurveda Hospital 1088 CBS TO MGL
Azeez Sait Nagar 1089 CBS TO ASN
B Company 1094 SBS TO CBS
B Company 1095 CBS TO TLO
Baburayanakoppalu 3272 CH TO SRP
Baburayanakoppalu 3273 SRP TO CH
Baby Mutt 2528 CBS TO BAB
Badagala Hundi 1099 CBS TO VAR
Badagala Hundi 1100 CBS TO CBS
Badagala Hundi 1102 CBS KRS U
Bake Point 1103 CBS TO CBS
Bake Point 1104 JPL TO SDN
Bake Point 1105 CBS TO RRN
Bakery 1106 CBS TO GON
Bakery 1107 CBS TO RBI
Bakery 1108 GON TO CBS
Bakery 1109 RBI TO CBS
Bala Bhavana 1110 RBI TO CBS
Bala Bhavana 3674 CBS TO RBI
Ballahalli 1111 MBS TO BRH
Ballahalli 1112 BRH TO MBS
Ballenahalli Bank 3265 CBS TO CKS
Ballenahalli Bank 3266 CKS TO CBS
Ballenahalli Dairy 3267 CBS TO CKS
Ballenahalli Dairy 3268 CKS TO CBS
Bandi Palya 1113 CBS TO SDV
Bandi Palya 1115 CBS TO NGD
Bandi Palya 1116 SDV TO CBS
Bandi Palya 1117 KL TO CBS
Bandi Palya 1118 CBS TO KL
Bandi Palya 2530 CBS TO KH
Bank Colony 1119 CBS TO VJB
Bankers Recreation Club 1121 RKN TO CBS
Bankers Recreation Club 1122 CBS TO RKN
Bannimantap Depot OUT Gate 2532 DG TO BF
Bannur 3064 CBS TO BAN
Bannur Bus Stop 4293 MBS TO BNR
Bannur Bus Stop 4294 BNR TO MBS
Bannur Circle 4291 MBS TO BNR
Bannur Circle 4292 BNR TO MBS
Bannur Ring Road Junction 3679 CBS TO BSN
Bannur Ring Road Junction 3680 BSN TO CBS
Bapuji Nagar 4188 CBS TO VJB
Baradanapura 1123 CBS TO YLW
Baradanapura Gate 1124 MH TO CBS
Baradanapura Gate 1125 CBS TO MH
Basalli Hundi 1126 CBS TO AHH
Basalli Hundi 1127 KH TO CBS
Basavanagudi 1128 CGH TO CBS
Basavanagudi 1129 MHL TO YLA
Basavanagudi 1130 CBS TO CGH
Basavanagudi 1131 CBS TO MHL
Basavanagudi 3324 CBS TO BEL
Basavanapura 1132 CBS TO SDN
Basavanapura 1133 CBS TO YVH
Basavanapura 1134 CBS TO NGD
Basavanapura 1136 NG TO MBS
Basavaraju Circle 1138 SCR TO CBS
Basavaraju Circle 1140 CBS TO CBS
Basavaraju Circle 1141 CBS TO CBS
Basavaraju Circle 3210 CBS TO BP
Basavaraju Circle 3211 BP TO CBS
Basavaraju Circle 3675 BP to JSS
Basavaraju Circle 3683 JSS to BP
Bastipura 1143 CBS TO BSP
Bastipura Gate 1144 CBS TO BSP
Bastipura Gate 1145 BSP TO CBS
Bawa Medicals 1146 GS TO CBS
Bedara Kannappa Temple 1148 SR TO CBS
Bedara Kannappa Temple 1149 RRN TO BML
Beerihundi 1150 CBS TO AGL
Beerihundi 1151 AGL TO CBS
Beerihundi Circle 2712 CBS TO CBS
Beerihundi Circle 2713 CBS TO CBS
Belagola 1154 BP TO CBS
Belagola 1155 CBS TO BP
Belagola 1st Stop 1156 BP TO CBS
Belagola 1st Stop 1157 CBS TO BP
Belagola Last Stop 1158 CBS TO BP
Belagola Last Stop 1159 BP TO CBS
Belawadi 1161 CBS TO CBS
Belawadi 1162 CBS TO CBS
Belawadi 1163 BSP TO CBS
Belawadi 1164 CBS TO BWD
Belawadi 1165 CBS TO HYL
Belawadi 1166 CBS TO YVH
Belawadi Cross 1167 CBS TO CDU
Belawadi Cross 1168 CDU TO CBS
Belawadi Gate 1169 BSP TO CBS
Belawatha 1170 BLW TO JPN
Belawatha 1171 CBS TO RBI
BEML Factory 4045 DG TO BF
BEML Nagar 1174 CBS TO CBS
BEML Nagar 1175 CBS TO BMN
BEML Nagar 1176 BML TO LnT
BEML Quarters 1178 CBS TO CBS
Betadabeedu Cross 2753 CBS TO AK
Betadabeedu Cross 2754 AK TO CBS
Bettaduru 2587 HB TO CBS
Bettaduru 2875 CBS TO HB
Bevina Mara 1179 CBS TO CBS
Bharath Cancer Hospital 1180 LnT TO CBS
Bharath Cancer Hospital 1181 CBS TO CGH
Bharath Cancer Hospital 1182 CBS TO LnT
Bharath Nagar 1183 KH TO CBS
Bharath Nagar 1184 CBS TO KH
BhattalageHundi 4398 CBS TO TNP
Bhoruka Alluminium 3137 JPN TO VRP
Bhoruka Alluminium 3138 VRP TO JPN
Bhugathagalli 1185 CBS TO CBS
Bhugathagalli Gate 1186 CBS TO CBS
Bhugathagalli Gate 1187 CBS TO CBS
Bidaragodu 2535 CBS TO HLI
Bidaragodu 2539 CBS TO BG
Bidaragodu 2540 HLI TO CBS
Bidaragodu School 2537 CBS TO BG
Bidaragodu School 2538 BG TO CBS
Bidaragodu Water Tank 2536 HLI TO CBS
Bidaragodu Water Tank 2541 CBS TO HLI
Bidarahalli Gate 3029 CBS TO BHL
Bidarahalli Gate 3032 BHL TO CBS
Bidarahalli Gate 3122 KUP TO CBS
Bidarahalli Gate 3123 CBS TO KUP
Bidarahalli Hundi 3044 CBS TO BHL
Bidrahalli Hundi Gate 4277 MBS TO BNR
Bidrahalli Hundi Gate 4278 BNR TO MBS
Biligere 3317 CBS TO BEL
Biligere 3318 BEL TO CBS
Bilikere 4367 CBS TO TKP
Bilikere 4378 TKP TO CBS
Bilugali 3325 CBS TO BEL
Bindu Bakery 1188 CBS TO JPN
Bindu Bakery 1189 JPN TO CBS
BJP Factory 2543 CBS TO BG
BJP Factory 2544 BG TO CBS
BM Hospital 1093 CBS TO CBS
BM Hospital 1096 CBS TO CBS
BM Hospital 1097 CBS TO CBS
BM Hospital 1098 CBS TO CBS
BM SriNagar 1091 CBS TO BMS
BML housing society postbox 3678 PBF TO BML
Boating Point 1190 CBS TO BP
Boating Point Cross 2507 CBS TO NB
Boating Point Cross 2510 NB TO CBS
Bogadi 1191 CBS TO CBS
Bogadi 1192 CBS TO CBS
Bogadi petrol bunk 3677 RRN TO BDG
Bogadi Vijaya Bank 1193 SDN TO CBS
Bogadi Vijaya Bank 1194 CBS TO SDN
Bokkahalli 3303 CBS TO BH
Bokkahalli Cross 3301 CBS TO BH
Bokkahalli Cross 3302 BH TO CBS
Bommanayakanahalli 4399 CBS TO TNP
Bommenahalli 2894 CBS to BMH
Bommur Agrahara 3295 CBS TO CKS
Bommur Agrahara 3313 CKS TO CBS
Bontagalli Gate 1195 CBS TO CBS
Bontagalli Gate 1196 CBS TO CBS
Bore Anaduru 2545 CBS TO RH
Bore Anaduru 2546 RH TO CBS
Bore Well 3220 CBS to VJN
Bore Well 3221 VJN to CBS
Brahmapura 1197 CBS TO MP
Brahmapura 1198 MP TO CBS
Bridge 1199 CBS TO NGD
Bridge 1200 NG TO MBS
Bridge 1201 BP TO CBS
Bridge 1202 CBS TO BP
Bridge 4289 MBS TO BNR
Bridge 4290 BNR TO MBS
Bridge 4442 CBS TO BML
Brindavan Extension 1st Stage 1203 CBS TO MGL
Brindavan Extension 1st Stage 1204 MGL TO CBS
Brindavan Extension 2nd Stage 1205 CBS TO MGL
Brindavan Extension 2nd Stage 1206 MGL TO CBS
Brindawan Ext 1st Stage 3681 MET TO BN
Brindawan Ext 1st Stage 3682 BN TO MET
BSNL Layout 3684 CBS TO BSN
BT Koppalu 3051 SRP TO CHK
BT Koppalu 3052 CHK TO SRP
Byathahalli 3227 DKT TO CBS
Byathahalli 3228 CBS TO DKT
Byathahalli Railway Station 3225 DKT TO CBS
Byathahalli Railway Station 3226 CBS TO DKT