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Stops Details: M - N
Stop Name Bus Stop Code Route Description
M Block 1740 CBS TO CBS
M Block 1744 BN TO CBS
M Block 1745 BN TO MET
M C Hundi 4400 CBS TO TNP
M C Hundi 4413 TNP TO CBS
M C Hundi Gate 4431 CBS TO TNP
M Shettyhalli 3276 CH TO SRP
M Shettyhalli 3277 CBS TO CH
MA Store 1737 CBS TO GS
MA Store 1738 NJP TO CBS
MA Store 1739 CBS TO CBS
Madahalli Gate 2715 CBS TO KYH
Madahalli Gate 2722 KYH TO CBS
Madaiahana Hundi 2609 CBS TO SUT
Madaiahana Hundi 2610 SUT TO CBS
Maddur 2761 CBS TO KH
Maddur 2770 KH TO CBS
Maddur Hundi 3156 CBS TO KH
Maddur Hundi 3159 KH TO CBS
Made Gowda Circle 1746 LnT TO CBS
Made Gowda Circle 1747 CBS TO LnT
Made Gowda Circle 1748 GS TO CBS
Made Gowda Circle 1749 RWT TO CBS
Made Gowdna Hundi 3116 CBS TO KUP
Made Gowdna Hundi 3117 KUP TO CBS
Madegowdana Hundi 4281 CBSTOBNR
Madegowdana Hundi 4282 BNR TO CBS
Madhavagere 4416 CBSTOTNP
Madhavagere 4427 TNPTOCBS
Mahadevapura 1750 CBS TO GU
Mahadevapura 2737 GHI TO CBS
Mahadevapura 2738 CBS TO GHI
Mahadevapura 3364 CBS TO MPA
Mahadevapura 3366 CBS TO MDA
Mahadevapura 1 4484 CBS TO MPA
Mahadevapura Bore 3360 CBS TO MPA
Mahadevapura Bore 3361 MPA TO CBS
Mahadevapura Bore Circle 3363 CBS TO MPA
Mahadevi Colony 3088 CBS TO CBS
Mahadevi Colony 3089 MDC TO CBS
Mahalakshmi Bhandar 1752 CBS TO CBS
Mahalakshmi Stores 1751 CBS TO JPN
Mahalakshmi Stores 1753 CBS TO CBS
Mahalakshmi Stores 1754 JPN TO CBS
Mahalakshmi Stores 1755 CBS TO CBS
Mahamane Circle 1756 CBS TO SNR
Mahamane Circle 1757 CBS TO KDN
Mahamane Circle 1758 KNB TO CBS
Mahamane Circle 1759 SNR TO CBS
Mahamane Circle 1760 KDN TO CBS
Mahamane Circle 3164 CBS TO SMN
Mahamane Circle 3165 SMN TO CBS
Maharaja College Hostel 1761 CBS TO YLO
Maharaja College Hostel 1762 SB TO CBS
Maharaja College Hostel 3191 JPN TO CBS
Maharaja College Hostel 3192 CBS TO BML
Maharani College 1763 BP TO CBS
Maharani College 1764 CBS TO BP
Maharashtra Bank 1765 CBS TO CBS
Maharashtra Bank 1766 CBS TO CBS
Maharashtra Bank 1767 CBS TO CBS
Maharshi Public School 1768 CBS TO JPN
Maharshi Public School 1769 JPN TO CBS
Maidanahalli 2648 CBS TO MGP
Maidanahalli 2651 MGP TO CBS
Maidanahalli 4370 CBS TO AYH
Maidanahalli 4375 AYH TO CBS
Makanahundi 2803 CBS TO KDH
Makanahundi Gate 2804 CBS TO SP
Makanahundi Gate 2806 SP TO CBS
Malavalli 4499 MYS TO MLV
Mallarajaiahna Hundi 2603 CBS TO SUT
Mallarajaiahna Hundi 2604 SUT TO CBS
Malle Gowdna Koppalu 2739 CBS TO YDH
Malle Gowdna Koppalu 2740 YDH TO CBS
Malle Gowdna Koppalu 3282 CBS TO CKS
Malle Gowdna Koppalu 3283 CKS TO CBS
Manasi Nagar Cross 3718 BSN TO CBS
Manasi Nagar Cross 3719 CBS TO BSN
Manasi Nagar Park 3721 CBS TO BSN
Manche Gowdna Koppalu 1771 CBS TO MGK
Mandakalli 1772 CBS TO BYH
Mandakalli 1773 BDG TO CBS
Mandakalli 1774 NG TO MBS
Mandakalli 1775 CBS TO BDG
Mandakalli 2741 CBS TO BG
Mandakalli 3234 CBS TO MDK
Mandakalli Cross 3170 CBS TO MDK
Mandakalli Cross 3171 MDK TO CBS
Manikya Pura 2897 CBS TO MKP
Manjunatha Hotel 1776 CBS TO MGL
Manjunatha Hotel 1777 MGL TO CBS
Manjunathapura 1778 CBS TO MGL
Manjunathapura 1779 MGL TO CBS
Manufacturers Association 3139 JPN TO VRP
Manufacturers Association 3140 VRP TO JPN
Maradihundi 3235 CBS TO TUM
Maradihundi 3314 BEL TO CBS
Maradihundi Gate 3072 BEL TO CBS
Maradihundi Gate 3074 CBS TO BEL
Maragowdanahalli 2724 CBS TO MGH
Maragowdanahalli Gate 2716 CBS TO KYH
Maragowdanahalli Gate 2723 KYH TO CBS
Maramma Temple 1780 CBS TO MHL
Maramma Temple 1781 MHL TO CBS
Maramma Temple 3394 CBS TO BGD
Maramma Temple 4491 BGD TO CBS
Marashe 1782 CBS TO BG
Marashe 1783 NG TO MBS
Marashe 1784 CBS TO BDG
Marashe 1785 CBS TO BYH
Marashetty Halli 1786 KL TO CBS
Marashetty Halli 1787 CBS TO KL
Marashetty Halli School 1788 CBS TO KL
Marashetty Halli School 1789 KL TO CBS
Maratikyathanahalli 1790 CBS TO AGL
Maratikyathanahalli 1791 AGL TO CBS
Maratikyathanahalli 2707 CBS TO MKH
Maratikyathanahalli Gate 2710 CBS TO MKH
Maratikyathanahalli Gate 2711 MKH TO CBS
Marballi 1792 MBH TO CBS
Marballi 1793 CBS TO MBH
Marballi 2742 ANE TO CBS
Marballi 2744 ALA TO CBS
Marballi 2745 CBS TO ANE
Marballi 2747 CBS TO ALA
Marballi Hundi 1794 CBS TO MBH
Marballi Hundi 2743 ANE TO CBS
Marballi Hundi 2746 CBS TO ANE
Mariahana Hundi 3236 CBS TO MAR
Marigowdana Hundi 2797 CBS TO SUT
Marigowdana Hundi Gate 2794 CBS TO SUT
Marigowdana Hundi Gate 2795 SUT TO CBS
Marimallappa 1796 CBS TO BVP
Marimallappa 1797 BVP TO CBS
Maruthi Complex 1798 RSN TO CBS
Maruthi Complex 1799 CBS TO KKH
Maruthi Complex 1801 CBS TO RSN
Maruthi Temple 1802 CBS TO BSP
Maruthi Temple 1803 BSP TO CBS
Maruthi Tent 1804 CBS TO CBS
Maruthi Tent 1805 CBS TO CBS
Maruthi Tent 1806 VN3 TO CBS
Maruthi Tent 1807 CBS TO BSP
Masjid 1809 CBS TO RSN
Masjid 1810 CBS TO SRP
Masjid 1811 SRP TO CBS
Masjid 1812 CBS TO KBS
Masjid 1813 KBS TO CBS
Masjid 1814 RSN TO CBS
Masjid 1815 SBS TO CBS
Masjid 1816 CBS TO KKH
Mathaji Bhandar 1818 CBS TO KHB
Mathru Mandali 1819 CBS TO CBS
Mathru Mandali 1820 CBS TO YLW
Mavinahalli 1821 CBS TO MH
Mavinathota 4261 CBS TO TLO
Mavinathota 4264 TLO TO CBS
Mayura Circle 1823 LnT TO CBS
Mayura Circle 1824 CBS TO LnT
Megalapura 2647 CBS TO MGP
Megalapura 3331 CBS TO NAN
Megalapura 3332 NAN TO CBS
Megalapura 4429 CBS TO TNP
Megalapura 4433 TNP TO CBS
Megalapura Cross 4415 CBSTOTNP
Megalapura Cross 4428 TNPTOCBS
Melapura 1825 CBS TO MP
Melapura Manti 3375 CBS TO MDA
Melapura Manti 3376 MDA TO CBS
Mellahalli 1828 CBS TO CBS
Mellahalli 1829 CBS TO CBS
Mellahalli Circle 3126 KUP TO CBS
Mellahalli Circle 3127 CBS TO KUP
Mellahalli Cross 1826 CBS TO MHL
Mellahalli Cross 1827 MHL TO CBS
Metagalli 1830 BN TO MET
Metagalli 1833 CBS TO MGL
Metagalli Police Station 1834 LnT TO CBS
Metagalli Police Station 1835 BP TO CBS
Metagalli Police Station 1836 CBS TO LnT
Metagalli Police Station 1837 CBS TO BP
Metropole Circle 1838 KBS TO CBS
Metropole Circle 1839 CBS TO KBS
Metropole Circle 3693 KSH TO MYS
MGM Group 3149 JPN TO VRP
MGM Group 3150 VRP TO JPN
Milk Dairy 1840 CBS TO CBS
Milk Dairy 1842 CBS TO CBS
MIT College 3716 MIT TO SBS
MIT College 4335 SGB TO MIT
MIT College Cross 1741 CBS TO BWD
MIT College Cross 1742 BWD TO CBS
MNP Mills 1843 CBS TO YDH
MNP Mills 1844 BP TO CBS
MNP Mills 1845 CBS TO BP
MNP Mills 1846 KRS to CBS
Model House 1847 CBS TO KBS
Model House 1848 KBS TO CBS
Mogarahalli 1849 CBS TO BP
Mogarahalli 1850 BP TO CBS
Morarji School 3073 BEL TO CBS
Morarji School 3075 CBS TO BEL
Mosambayanahalli 1851 KL TO CBS
Mosambayanahalli 1852 CBS TO KL
MRC Eye Hospital 1743 CBS TO CBS
Mudahalli 2605 SUT TO CBS
Mudahalli 2606 CBS TO SUT
Mudalahundi 1853 CBS TO CBS
MuddaiahnaHundi Gate 2862 CBS TO KTH
MuddaiahnaHundi Gate 2912 HMH TO CBS
Muddalakoppalu 2585 HB TO CBS
Muddalakoppalu 2876 CBS TO HBD
Mudde Gowdana Hundi Cross 3336 CBS TO NAN
Muganahundi 1854 CBS TO BH
Mulepettlu 4533 CBS TO DRN
Mulluru 1855 GP TO CBS
Mulluru 1856 GPL TO CBS
Mulluru 1857 CBS TO MLR
Mulluru Cross 1858 CBS TO GP
Muniswamy Nagar 1859 GU TO CBS
Muniswamy Nagar 1860 CBS TO GU
Muradagalli 1861 DRA TO CBS
Muradagalli 1862 CBS TO DRA
Murali Store 3350 CBS TO LP
Murali Store 3351 LP TO CBS
Muslim Hostel 4117 CBS TO AKH
Muttatti 4419 CBSTOTNP
Muttatti 4425 TNPTOCBS
Mysore Mitra Office 2504 CBS TO BMS
Mysore Mitra Office 2559 BMS TO JPN
Mysore Polymers 3141 JPN TO VRP
Mysore Polymers 3142 VRP TO JPN
Mysore Public school 3866 KAL TO CBS
Mysore Rural Bus Stand 1865 CBS TO CKS
Mysore Rural Bus Stand 1866 RSN TO CBS
Mysore Rural Bus Stand 1867 GPT TO CBS
Mysore Rural Bus Stand 1868 CBS TO RSN
Mysore Rural Bus Stand 1869 dg to mbs
Mysore Rural Bus Stand 1871 GON TO CBS
Mysore Rural Bus Stand 1872 CBS TO GON
Mysore Rural Bus Stand 1873 mbs to dg
Mysore Rural Bus Stand 1874 CBS TO DEP
Mysore Zoo 1875 CH TO CBS
Mysore Zoo 1876 CBS TO CH
Nachanahalli Palya 1878 CBS TO MH
Nachanahalli Palya 1879 MH TO CBS
Nadanahalli 1881 CBS TO CBS
Nadanahalli 1882 CBS TO NH
Nadanahalli 1883 CBS TO CBS
Nadanahalli Gate 1884 CBS TO CBS
Nadanahalli Gate 1885 CBS TO CBS
Nadanahalli Gate 2846 YAN to CBS
Nadanahalli Gate 2849 CBS to YAN
Nadanahalli Gate 4029 MIT TO ND
Nagamma Hospital 1886 CBS TO GON
Nagamma Hospital 1887 GON TO CBS
Naganahalli 1888 CBS TO NGH
Naganahalli 2568 CBS TO YDH
Naganahalli 2863 YDH TO CBS
Naganahalli Badavane 4487 CBS TO NGB
Naganahalli Cross 1890 CBS TO LKP
Naganahalli Cross 1891 LKP TO CBS
Naganahalli Farm 1892 NGH TO CBS
Naganahalli Farm 1893 CBS TO NGH
Nagarthahalli 1894 CBS TO BH
Nagarthahalli 1895 BH TO CBS
Nagavala 2890 CBS TO SH
Nagavala 2891 SH TO CBS
Nagavala Forest Gate 2888 MKP TO CBS
Nagavala Forest Gate 2905 CBS TO MKP
Nagayanahundi 1896 MP TO CBS
Nagayanahundi 1897 CBS TO MP
Naguvanahalli 1902 CBS TO MP
Naguvanahalli 1903 MP TO CBS
Naguvanahalli 2 1904 CDU TO CBS
Naguvanahalli 2 1905 CBS TO CDU
Naguvanahalli Colony 1906 CBS TO CDU
Naguvanahalli Colony 1907 CDU TO CBS
Naguvanahalli Cross 1898 MP TO CBS
Naguvanahalli Cross 1899 SRP TO CBS
Naguvanahalli Cross 1900 CBS TO MP
Naguvanahalli Cross 1901 CBS TO SRP
Naguvanahalli Rice Mill 1908 MP TO CBS
Naguvanahalli Rice Mill 1909 CBS TO MP
Naidu Stores 1910 RRN TO BML
Naidu Stores 1911 DPT TO SND
Naidu Stores 1912 SR TO CBS
Naidu Stores 2867 BMLF TO ND
Najangud 4447 CBS TO NJD
Nandi 3081 CH TO CBS
Nandi Circle 1914 CBS TO SNR
Nandi Circle 1915 SNR TO CBS
Nandi Cross 1917 CBS TO CH
Nandi Cross 1919 CH TO CBS
Nandi Gunda 3345 CBS TO NAN
Nandi Gunda Puradha Gate 3237 TUM TO CBS
Nandi Gunda Puradha Gate 3238 CBS TO TUM
Nandigundapura 4193 CBS TO DH
Nandini Layout 1920 CBS TO NH
Nandini Layout 1922 NH TO CBS
Nanjaiahna Hundi 1925 BH TO CBS
Nanjaiahna Hundi 1926 CBS TO BH
Nanjangud 1923 NG TO MBS
Nanju Malige 1927 MH TO CBS
Nanju Malige 1928 CBS TO MH
Nanju Malige 1929 CBS TO UH
Nanju Malige 1930 JPN TO CBS
Nanju Malige 1931 CBS TO GP
Nanju Malige 1932 CBS TO JPN
Narayana Swamy Block 1933 CBS TO KBS
Narayana Swamy Block 1934 KBS TO CBS
NarayanaHrudayalaya 3724 NRH TO PRH
National Institute Of Engineering 3868 KAL TO CBS
Navodaya School 2717 CBS TO KYH
Navodaya School 2911 KYH TO CBS
Nazarbad 1935 CBS TO CBS
Nazarbad 1936 CBS TO CBS
Nazarbad 1937 VKC TO SBS
Nazarbad 1938 CBS TO CBS
Nazarbad 1939 CBS TO GON
Nazarbad 1940 CHP TO CBS
Nazarbad 1941 GON TO CBS
Nazarbad 1942 CBS TO CBS
Nehru Park 1943 CBS TO CBS
Nehru Park 1944 NJP TO CBS
Netaji Circle 1945 KDN TO CBS
Netaji Circle 1946 CBS TO JBM
Netaji Circle 1947 JBM TO CBS
New Court 3441 CBSTOVVKC
New Court D 3439 VVKCTOCBS
New Light Product 3248 CBS TO WIP
New Light Product 3249 LnT TO CBS
NIEIT College 3725 nie to lnt
Nimishamba Temple Road 1952 SNG TO CBS
Nimrah Masjid 1953 CBS TO CBS
Nimrah Masjid 1954 GS TO CBS
Nirmala Convent 1955 LnT TO CBS
Nirmala Convent 1956 KBS TO CBS
Nirmala Convent 1957 CBS TO KBS
Nirmala Convent 1958 CBS TO LnT
Nirmithi Kendra 1959 CBS TO CBS
Niveditha Nagar 1960 CBS TO YLO
Niveditha Nagar 1961 YLO TO CBS
North Bank 2508 CBS TO NB
North Bank 2864 BAB TO CBS
North East NR Mohalla 1962 CBS TO GS
North East NR Mohalla 1963 GS TO CBS
Nyayanga Badavane 4000 CBS TO TLO
Nyayanga Badavane 4001 TLO TO CBS