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Stops Details: G - H
Stop Name Bus Stop Code Route Description
G B Sarguru 2920 CBS TO GBS
G B Sarguru Cross 2918 CBS TO GBS
G B Sarguru Cross 2919 GBS TO CBS
Gaddige 4344 CBS TO GDG
Gaddige 4345 CBS TO GDG
Gadhadara Circle 4239 CBS TO KDN
Gadhadara Circle 4240 KDN TO CBS
Gajendra Circle 3047 SRP TO CHK
Gajendra Circle 3048 CHK TO SRP
Galigara Hundi 1403 CBS TO GGH
Galli Hotel 1404 CBS TO JPN
Ganagara Hundi 1405 BRH TO CBS
Ganagara Hundi 1406 CBS TO BRH
Ganagara Hundi 2821 CBS TO GGH
Ganapathi Sachidananda Ashrama 1407 CBS TO KL
Ganapathi Sachidananda Ashrama 1408 CBS TO NGD
Ganapathi Sachidananda Ashrama 1409 KL TO CBS
Ganapathi Sachidananda Ashrama 1410 NG TO MBS
Ganapathi Temple 1411 CBS TO MHL
Ganapathi Temple 1413 MHL TO CBS
Ganapathi Temple 1414 CBS TO KDN
Ganapathi Temple 1415 CBS TO JSS
Ganapathi Temple 1416 JSS TO CBS
Ganapathi Temple 3257 CBS TO CKS
Ganapathi Temple 3258 CKS TO CBS
Gandhi Nagar 1417 GDN TO RBN
Gandhi Nagar 1418 RBN TO GDN
Gandhivana 1419 CBS TO CBS
Gandhivana 1420 JSS TO CBS
Gandhivana 1421 CBS TO CBS
Ganesh Bhandar 1422 CBS TO CBS
Ganesh Bhandar 1423 BSP TO CBS
Ganesh Bhandar 1424 CBS TO SDN
Ganesh Bhandar 1431 RR TO CBS
Ganesh Temple 1425 CBS TO CBS
Ganesh Temple 1426 CBS TO TC
Ganesh Temple 1427 CBS TO CBS
Ganesh Temple 1428 LNT TO JPN
Ganesh Temple 1429 CBS TO JPN
Ganesh Temple 1430 JPN TO LNT
Ganesh Temple 2649 CBS TO MGP
Ganesh Temple 2652 MGP TO CBS
Gangadahosahalli 4350 CBS TO GDG
Gangothri 1432 CBS to CBS
Gangothri 1433 CBS TO CBS
Gangothri Guest House 1434 CBS TO CBS
Gangothri Guest House 1435 CBS TO CBS
Gangothri Guest House 1436 CBS TO CBS
Gangothri Guest House 1437 BRH TO CBS
Ganjam 1438 SNG TO CBS
Ganjam 1439 CBS TO SNG
Gargeswari 4405 CBS TO TNP
Gargeswari 4409 TNP TO CBS
Gas Angadi 1440 CBS to AC
Gayathiri Devi Temple 4122 KAL TO CBS
Gayathripuram 1442 CBS TO TLO
Gayathripuram 1443 SBS TO CBS
Gayathripuram Bridge 1444 CBS TO TLO
Gayathripuram Bridge 1445 GON TO CBS
Geamarahalli 3321 BEL TO CBS
Geamarahalli 3322 CBS TO BEL
Geamarahalli Gate 3319 CBS TO BEL
Geamarahalli Gate 3320 BEL TO CBS
Geetha Convent 1446 CBS TO CBS
Geetha Convent 1447 CBS TO NH
Geetha Convent 3666 CBS TO CBS
Gejjagalli 2571 CBS TOGJH
Gejjagalli Cross 1448 SDV TO CBS
Gejjagalli Cross 1449 CBS TO SDV
Gejjegalli 2572 CBS TO BG
Gerasanahalli 2629 CBS TO TKK
Gerasanahalli 2635 TKK TO CBS
Gerasanahalli cross 4371 CBS TO AYH
Gerasanahalli cross 4374 AYH TO CBS
Gnanaganga School 1451 RJB TO CBS
Gnanaganga School 1452 RKN TO CBS
Gnanaganga School 3128 CBS TO CBS
Gnanaganga School 4236 KDN TO CBS
Gnanaganga School 4300 CBS TO KDN
Gobli Mara 1453 CBS TO JPN
Gobli Mara 1454 CBS TO CBS
Goddanapura 2574 CBS TO BG
Goddanapura 2575 BG TO CBS
Goddanapura Aralimara 2576 BG TO CBS
Goddanapura Aralimara 2577 CBS TO BG
Gokul Theater 4102 CBS TO WIR
Gokulam Aralimara 1455 LnT TO CBS
Gokulam Aralimara 1456 CBS TO LnT
Gollanabeedu 2578 SH TO CBS
Gollanabeedu 2579 CBS TO SH
Gommatagiri 2580 HB TO CBS
Gommatagiri 2873 CBS TO HB
Gopalapura 1457 CBS TO GP
Gosay Ghat 1463 CBS TO SNG
Gousia Nagar 1464 CBS TO GON
Govardhan Farm 3040 CBS TO BHL
Govardhan Farm 3041 BHL TO CBS
Government Press 1466 CBS TO CBS
Government Press 1467 CBS TO CBS
Government Tool Room Training Center 3143 JPN TO VRP
Government Tool Room Training Center 3144 VRP TO JPN
Gowdarahundi 2581 HLI TO CBS
Gowdarahundi 2582 CBS TO HLI
Gowhalli 1468 CBS TO CBS
Gowhalli 1469 CBS TO CBS
Grs fantacy park 4214 CBS TO BLW
GSSS College 3216 CBS TO GSS
Gudamadanahalli 3168 CBS TO MDK
Gudamadanahalli 3169 MDK TO CBS
Gudamadanahalli Temple 3166 CBS TO MDK
Gudamadanahalli Temple 3167 MDK TO CBS
Gumbaz 1470 CBS TO SNG
Gumchahalli 2584 CBS TO GHI
Gumchi 2843 CBS TO CBS
Gumchi 2847 CBS TO CBS
Gun House 1472 CBS TO KL
Gun House 1473 MBS to TPU
Gun House 1474 KL TO CBS
Gun House 1475 TPU to MBS
Gundu Rao Nagar 1476 KL TO CBS
Gundu Rao Nagar 1477 NG TO MBS
Gundu Rao Nagar 1478 CBS TO KL
Gundu Rao Nagar 1479 CBS TO NGD
Gungaragalchatra 2646 CBS TO TKK
Gungaragalchatra 2656 TKK TO CBS
Gungaragalchatra Aralimara 2690 CBS TO TKK
Gungurgal Chathra Aralimara 2643 TKK TO CBS
Gupta Store(Rajeeva Nagara) 1480 RVN TO SDN
Gupta Store(Rajeeva Nagara) 1481 CBS TO GS
Gurukarpura 3337 CBS TO NAN
Gurukarpura 3338 NAN TO CBS
Gurumalleshwara Mutt 3354 CBS TO MPA
Gurumalleshwara Mutt 3355 MPA TO CBS
Gururu 1461 CBS TO GU
Gururu 1462 KLW TO CBS
Gururu Gate 1459 CBS TO DDK
Gururu Gate 1460 DDK TO CBS
Hadajana 1482 CBS TO KL
Hadajana 1483 KL TO CBS
Hadajana Cross 1484 KL TO CBS
Hadajana Cross 1485 CBS TO KL
Hadinaru Library 3297 CBS TO SUT
Hadinaru Library 3298 SUT TO CBS
Hadinaru Mole 2601 CBS TO SUT
Hadinaru Mole 2602 SUT TO CBS
Hadinaru Temple 3299 CBS TO SUT
Hadinaru Temple 3300 SUT TO CBS
Haganahalli 2593 CBS TO BAB
Haganahalli 2594 BAB TO CBS
Halagaiana Hundi 1486 CBS TO CBS
Halagaiana Hundi 1487 CBS TO CBS
Hale Mane 1488 CBS TO LKP
Hale Mane 1489 LKP TO CBS
Halebeedu 2877 CBS TO HB
Halebeedu cross 4369 CBS TO TKP
Halebeedu cross 4376 TKP TO CBS
Halekamana Koppalu 2590 HB TO CBS
Halekamana Koppalu 2869 CBS TO HB
Halikere Hundi 2586 CBS TO BG
Halikere Hundi 2703 BG TO CBS
Halladamanuganahalli 2960 CBS TO HMH
Halladamanuganahalli Cross 2959 CBS TO HMH
Halladamanuganahalli Cross 2961 HMH TO CBS
Hallididdi 2588 BG TO CBS
Hallididdi 2589 CBS TO BG
Hampapura 1490 HBD TO CBS
Hampapura 1491 CBS TO HBD
Hampapura 2762 CBS TO KH
Hampapura 2769 KH TO CBS
Hampi Circle 1492 LNT TO JPN
Hampi Circle 1493 JPN TO LNT
Hanchya Grama 1494 CBS TO GGH
Hanchya Grama 1495 GGH TO CBS
Hanumantha Nagar 1496 RBI TO CBS
Hanumantha Nagar 1497 CBS TO RBI
Hanumantha Nagar 3263 CBS TO CKS
Hanumantha Nagar 3264 CKS TO CBS
Hanumantha pura 3708 DH TO CBS
Hanumantha pura 3709 CBS TO DH
Haravu 4459 CBS TO PDP
Hardinge Circle 1498 MBS to TPU
Hardinge Circle 1499 GON TO CBS
Hardinge Circle 1500 TPU to MBS
Hardinge Circle 1501 CBS TO CBS
Hardinge Circle 1502 CHP TO CBS
Hardinge Circle 1503 BHL TO CBS
Hardinge Circle 1504 CBS TO CBS
Hardinge Circle 1505 CBS TO CBS
Hardinge Circle 1506 RSN TO CBS
Hardinge Circle 1507 MH TO CBS
Harohalli 2749 CBS TO AK
Harohalli 2750 AK TO CBS
Harohalli 2773 KH TO CBS
Harohalli 3124 KUP TO CBS
Harohalli 3125 CBS TO KUP
Harohalli 4275 MBS TO BNR
Harohalli 4276 BNR TO MBS
Haropura 3102 CBS TO SAL
Haropura 3103 SAL TO CBS
Harsha Bar 1508 CBS TO CBS
Harsha Bar 1509 VN3 TO CBS
Harsha Bar 1510 CBS TO DK
Harsha Bar 1511 CBS TO CBS
Harsha Bar 1512 CBS TO CBS
Harsha Bar 1513 GPL TO CBS
Harsha Bar 1514 CBS TO VN3
Harsha Bar 3195 JSS to BP
Harsha Bar 3196 BP to JSS
Hebbadi 1516 CBS TO HBD
Hebbadi Hundi 1517 CBS TO HBD
Hebbadi Hundi 1518 HBD TO CBS
Hebya 1519 CBS TO AHH
Hebya 1520 AHH TO CBS
Helipad 1521 LPR TO CBS
Helipad 1522 CBS TO LPR
Hemavathi Circle 3208 SB TO RNGR
Hemavathi Circle 3209 RNGR TO SB
Highway Circle 1523 CBS TO RBI
Highway Circle 1525 RBI TO CBS
Hinkal 1526 CBS TO CBS
Hinkal 1527 CBS TO CBS
Homaragalli 2763 CBS TO KH
Homaragalli 2768 KH TO CBS
Hootagalli 1531 CBS TO CBS
Hootagalli 1532 CBS TO CBS
Hootagalli Housing Board 1528 CBS TO CBS
Hootagalli Housing Board 1529 CBS TO KHB
Hootagalli Housing Board 1530 KHB TO JPN
Hootagalli Housing Board 1533 CBS TO CBS
Hootagalli Housing Board 1534 CBS TO CBS
Hopcoms 4175 CBS TO RKH
Hopcoms 4176 RKH TO CBS
Hosa Ananduru 1535 BP TO CBS
Hosa Ananduru 1536 CBS TO BP
Hosahalli 3339 CBS TO NAN
Hosahalli 3340 NAN TO CBS
Hosahundi 1537 CBS TO UH
Hosahundi 1538 KL TO CBS
Hosahundi 1539 CBS TO KL
Hosakamana Koppalu 2596 HB TO CBS
Hosakamana Koppalu 2870 CBS TO HB
Hosakote 2665 CBS TO TKK
Hosakote 2666 TKK TO CBS
Hosakote 3070 BEL TO CBS
Hosakote 3071 CBS TO BEL
Hosakote Cross 2640 TKK TO CBS
Hosakote Cross 2692 CBS TO TKK
Hosakote Hospital 3068 BEL TO CBS
Hosakote Hospital 3069 CBS TO BEL
Hosakote Saw Mill 3066 BEL TO CBS
Hosakote Saw Mill 3067 CBS TO BEL
Hostel 1540 CBS TO VJB
Hostel 1541 VJB TO CBS
Hosur 1542 CBS TO MP
Hosur 1543 MP TO CBS
Hosur Gori Mala 1544 MP TO CBS
Hosur Gori Mala 1545 CBS TO MP
Housing Board Complex 1546 CBS TO KHB
Housing Board Complex 1547 KHB TO JPN
Hoysala Circle 1548 JPN TO LNT
Hoysala Circle 1549 LNT TO JPN
HP Petrol Bunk 3916 CBS TO JSS
Hudco 3380 KRM TO CBS
Hudco 3381 CBS TO KRM
Hulikere 1550 BP TO CBS
Hulikere 1551 CBS TO BP
Hullahalli 2598 DGI TO CBS
Hullahalli 2600 CBS TO HLI
Hullahalli Circle 1552 NG TO MBS
Hullahalli Circle 1553 CBS TO NGD
Hunaganahalli 3118 KUP TO CBS
Hunaganahalli 3119 CBS TO KUP
Hunaganahalli 4279 MBS TO BNR
Hunaganahalli 4280 BNR TO MBS
Hunaganahalli Gate 3120 KUP TO CBS
Hunaganahalli Gate 3121 CBS TO KUP
Hunase Mara 1554 RRN TO BML
Hunase Mara 3710 JSS to BP
Hunase Mara 3711 BP to JSS
Hunese Mara 1555 SR TO CBS
Huralikyatanahalli 1 1556 HKH TO SBS
Huralikyatanahalli 2 1558 CBS TO HKL
Huralikyatanahalli 2 1559 HKH TO SBS
Huyilalu 1560 CBS TO HYL