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Stops Details: E - F
Stop Name Bus Stop Code Route Description
E and F Block 1371 CBS TO CBS
E and F Block 1372 CBS TO RKN
Echagahalli 2565 BG TO CBS
Echagahalli 2566 CBS TO BG
Edli Katte 4493 CBS to YAN
Ekalavya Nagara 2831 CBS TO HH
Ekalavya Nagara 2832 HH TO CBS
Elekere Hand Post 4460 CBS TO PDP
Ennehole Koppalu 3018 CK TO CBS
Ennehole Koppalu 3053 SRP TO CHK
Erappana Koppalu 3289 CBS TO HB
Erappanakoppalu Gate 3287 CBS TO HB
Erappanakoppalu Gate 3288 HB TO CBS
Eshwara Temple 1374 CBS TO KBS
Eshwara Temple 1375 MIT TO ETM
Eshwara Temple 2569 VVKCTOCBS
ESI Hospital 1376 BP TO CBS
ESI Hospital 1378 CBS TO BP
ESI Hospital 3707 BN TO MET
Falcon Gate 3135 JPN TO VRP
Falcon Gate 3136 VRP TO JPN
Falcon Tyres 1379 CBS TO BP
Falcon Tyres 1380 BP TO CBS
Falcon Tyres 3133 JPN TO VRP
Falcon Tyres 3134 VRP TO JPN
Farm 1381 CBS TO CNH
Farm 1382 CNH TO CBS
Farmgate 4348 CBS TO GDG
Fire Brigade 1385 AGL TO CBS
Fire Brigade 1386 YLO TO CBS
Fire Brigade 1387 CBS TO AGL
Fire Brigade 1388 CBS TO YLO
Five Light Circle 1389 CBS TO SRP
Five Light Circle 1390 KKH TO CBS
Five Light Circle 1391 JPN TO CBS
Five Light Circle 1392 CBS TO RSN
Five Light Circle 1394 JPL TO SDN
Five Light Circle 1395 KH TO CBS
Five Light Circle 1396 SDN TO JPL
Five Light Circle 1397 RSN TO CBS
Fountain Circle 1398 SRP TO CBS
Fountain Circle 1399 CBS TO SRP
Fountain Circle 2841 CBS TO CKS